Our intuition is an idiot!

Posted 2015-02-10 by Matt Way

What would you think if I told you that your understanding of intuition was likely the primary source of everything that may be wrong with your world model. It is spoken about a lot, but I get the feeling that not enough people have really given intuition enough thought. About what it is, or how it works. What is absolutely crazy to me though, is just how highly most people regard their intuition. Like it is some magical oracle that you mustn’t question. I mean just search twitter for ‘intuition’ or type ‘intuition’ into google images and look at the common theme:

What you don’t understand about the coming robot revolution.

Posted 2014-08-15 by Matt Way

The media is currently rife with a dichotomy pitting humans against the coming wave of robotic automation. Everyone seems to either side with all the jobs disappearing, or that technology will endlessly create new jobs keeping the status quo. I would like to point out that both these positions are very wrong, and very short sighted.

What is a Compression Addict?

Posted 2014-03-09 by Matt Way

To put it as simply as I can, compression is just the way of representing something with less information than is currently representing it. Boring? Well would you believe me if I told you that this basic idea is the source of most of the joy and struggle of all our lives?

You see, compression, or compressing is something humans do or seek out from the moment they are born. It is the drive behind every idea, understanding and unknown. Before I explain in any more detail, watch the video below first, and be smacked with some wisdom.

Building conscious machines - The Hard Problem Delusion

Posted 2012-09-23 by Matt Way


To paraphrase Dennett, everybody believes they are an expert on consciousness and subjective experience. The problem with this mind set, is that every discussion is met with significant passion, but unfortunately little substance. I want to share some of the ideas and studies I have come across over my years of neuroscience, and computer science research, particularly to do two things. Firstly I want to add some more food for thought to the topic of qualia (or the hard problem). Secondly, using this information, I want to provide a mechanistic hypothesis of how you could potentially implement software that has subjective experience, in the same way humans do. Read the wikipedia links provided below if you need to get up to speed with the associated topics.