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Name: Matt Way
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Work History

2015-2016 | Cofounder Syntropy

We are attempting to solve the major problem in AI of unsupervised learning. We use the brain as a loose inspiration, and have built tools to aid in conducting new machine vision experiments.

Technologies - javascript/node.js/electron/cuda

2015 | Cofounder Ruffle

A cross platform ionic/cordova app for sending anonymous picture messages to anyone. It includes a node.js backend api.

Technologies - javascript/angularjs/cordova/node.js/neo4j

2015 | Startup Daily scraper/tracker (contract)

We built a scraper and analytics tool for, that tracks startup sites like angellist, and provides up to date information about the Australian startup community.

Technologies - javascript/node.js/mongodb

2013-2015 | Cofounder

Churn is the best way to view video on the internet. With curated channels by people that care about good video, you simply pick the channel and watch. Churn is not only a frontend/backend site, but also includes scrapers, chrome extensions, thumbnail generators and media site trackers. During peak times, Churn gets around 100k users per month.

Technologies - javascript/angularjs/node.js/neo4j/chrome extensions

2013-2015 | Cofounder Unassigned

Unassigned was a company we created for doing smaller interesting projects, blogs and contracts. Most of these were targeted at innovative ways of using existing apis. For example #coachella provided a visually appealing real time instagram feed of coachella photos accompanied by festival music.

Technologies - javascript/angularjs/node.js/mongodb

2013 | Cofounder

We created a social network for following the things people do, instead of the people themselves. By posting on behalf of something you are doing, we aimed to make social feeds more tailored, reducing the usual clutter.

Technologies - javascript/angularjs/node.js/java/neo4j

2012-2013 | Nurture

Nurture is an IDE, and a cuda engine for visually designing biological neural network simulations, and running them in real-time on GPUs.

Technologies - c++/cuda/c#/javascript

2011-2012 | Geotechnical Software Services (contract)

Developed numerous applications for the coal mining industry relating to underground structural safety design.

Technologies - C#/.Net

2009-2011 | Senior Developer Spar Supermarkets

Led the development of the point of sale systems across all Australian Spar supermarkets. Including the backend analytics software, and interesting hardware integrations from LIFI to weights and measures.

Technologies - C#/.Net/c++


Bachelor of Software Engineering - University of Queensland

Diploma of Video Game Design - QANTM